Art and Color Press is an independent publisher created to bring you unique books of beautiful designs to color, while actively helping to fund art education in our public schools.  We donate all of our profits to foundations that provide art classes and needed materials to help students learn the joys of being creative.

We have drawn original artwork and collected unique designs from artists around the world to create collections that will give you an outstanding coloring experience, or for you give as a gift. Each book is organized around a theme, and includes 30 to 55 designs to color.  The designs offer various levels of complexity, so everyone, from a beginning to an advanced color artist can enjoy creative expression and relaxation.

Our books are sold on Amazon. To see our collection of coloring books, please go to:http://artandcolorpress.com/shop-our-titles/

We believe that art enriches lives

We love working with color, and we love the freedom offered by coloring books to create unique combinations on every page.  If you have never colored before, you will be surprised by how extensive colored pencil palettes have become. It’s truly a different world from the days when we used crayons as children.  And, thanks to new technologies available for markers, you can buy gel pens and markers with a wide variety of intense colors, including metallic sparklers.

Coloring books are an economical way to bring art into your life.  Supplies are easily available, are very portable and require little space for you to be fully involved. At home, you can color anywhere there is a table or desk. You can take coloring books with you when you travel.

Plus, there’s an added bonus: you’ll never exhaust the variety of designs available.  Art and Color Press has a library of 1,200 designs to be published in our coloring books. And we are just one of many, many publishers presenting adult coloring books throughout the world.

The benefits of stress relief from coloring is real

When we focus on coloring a design, the outside world falls away. Pressures and tensions fade the more we concentrate on the stroke of color and filling in the patterns. And, there’s no pressure.  If you enjoy the design, continue.  If you want to stop and try another, go ahead. The work is entirely for your own pleasure. Chose the colors that please you.  Go at the pace that works for you. These are your pages.  You only need to please yourself.

Coloring books are a wonderful value. 

For under $10, you get hours of entertainment and pleasure. Plus, if you become serious about learning how to color, YouTube offers hours of helpful video tutorials about coloring techniques with pencils, pens, markers and pastels. Expert instruction is available to you, completely free, thanks to the generosity of many talented artists sharing their knowledge for everyone’s benefit.  You will find links to the video tutorials we like the best at: http://artandcolorpress.com/coloring-tips/

Giving coloring books as gifts

Whether you’re going to visit grandma and are looking for an activity you can do together, or wondering which present to get a friend, coloring books are an easy solution.  With gifts for people new to coloring, you can  pair the book with a starter set of 24 colored pencils and spend less than $20.  Coloring books as gifts make it easy for you to match the book’s theme to your friend’s interests, like gardening or animals.  To give a gift that focuses on stress relief, chose coloring books that feature mandalas and swirls.

Happy Coloring!