About Us

Each person at Art and Color Press has genuine life experience working in the arts. We are painters, illustrators, designers and animators. Now, creating adult coloring books is one of the ways we are giving back.

We believe that art can make a difference in everyone’s life.

We are enthusiastic colorists ourselves, and  have created or collected over 1,200 beautiful coloring book illustrations from around the world.  This gives us a large library of illustrations to organize into adult coloring books featuring a wide variety of themes, including Swirls, Mandalas, Animals, Butterflies, Birds, Flowers, Friendship, Ocean Life, and Holidays.

Please visit our website or Amazon in the future to see our new releases.

We create beautiful adult coloring books 

Coloring books are so popular today for many reasons, and the one we like best is that they make  working with imaginative designs and colors accessible to everyone.  With very little expense, anyone can get started enjoying their own unique creative expression. Unlike some types of art, coloring books don’t require a lot of equipment or a large space.  Coloring is easy to start for complete beginners, and yet is challenging for people who lean into the art form as a serious hobby.  And…coloring is fun!

The benefits of stress-relief are real. Coloring is relaxing because when we concentrate, the outside world falls away. Pressures and tensions fade the more we focus on the stroke of color and filling in the design.

Our mission is to raise money for art education in public schools.

Art and Color Press  donates all of our profits to foundations the fund art education for children in grades K through 12, with an emphasis on grades K through 6. We look for established organizations that are 501C3 non-profits, with a proven history of classroom involvement.  You can learn more about our efforts at http://artandcolorpress.com/donations/